The Ivy League Edge

Sets You Apart From Everyone

Being part of the Ivy League has connotations of academic excellence and selectivity in admissions that sets you apart in your career aspirations. Ivy League schools are generally viewed as some of the most prestigious, and are ranked among the best universities worldwide. In addition to being part of an Ivy League Education as a participant in CEMP, you will also experience support from a Personal Development Coach and Individual Career Coaching and Placement Services.

As a leader in innovative business education for the connected world, Cornell’s Executive Programs brings more than 60 years of experience in providing customized executive curriculum. We focus on understanding your strategic objectives, developing clear capabilities and designing experiential education programs to reach those objectives. We leverage industry leadership from the largest Ivy League institution in the areas of innovation,business acumen, and strategic leadership.

Cornell connections offer a multidisciplinary approach and access to world-class Cornell University faculty in areas such as business, engineering, human resources, industrial relations, law, medicine and food/agricultural.

Cornell Executive Education focuses on realizing an organization’s strategic objectives. We foster the skills of individual leaders, enhance their management capabilities, and align those with the strategic direction of the firm. Our differentiators combine the business impact of customized education delivered by an Ivy League University with a focus on driving innovation leadership